mHealth: building a mobile companion app for cancer sufferers

The quick pace of mobile technology, coupled with a broad worldwide penetration of smartphones, has effectively transformed Healthcare into a new entity called mHealth.  

In 2012, the number of medical application users will reach 247 million, which is more than double the 124 million users who downloaded medical applications in 2011.

Global revenue from mHealth apps grew from 140 million in 2010 to 1.3 billion in 2012, and continues to progress on an upward curve.

Why is mHealth so commercially successful, and what factors contribute to this economic success story? Please read on for several examples based on Migrate2Mobile’s ( recent development experience that outline some of the reasons behind the explosion in mHealth’s success.

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How to build the best Real Estate mobile app in class?

The following article is short practical guide on planning development of a mobile app for the Real Estate (RE) industry. It includes a description of essential features, viral marketing ideas and cost considerations.

Mobile technologies rule the world and it’s clear today that real estate must take it into consideration. What does it take to build a good app? What components must be included as a necessity? What will the cost be? Let’s examine the issue.

Each app consists of several essential components:

Let’s have a closer look at these facets.

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UK Real Estate: Mobile challenge?

Mobile penetration in the United Kingdom is comparable to any nation on the planet. According to research recently conducted by On Device Research, 22% of Internet subscribers only use mobile devices. The penetration and growth of this market will only be catalysed by the growing power of mobile devices, increasing mobile broadband speeds, the advent of the fourth generation of mobile technology and the increasingly affordable cost of the devices. Are UK real estate agents well placed to meet this dramatic change in consumer behaviour?

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Securing the start-up success. Does project development proficiency matter for technology start-up efficiency?

This article was first printed at The Outsourcing Journal. Please click here for a special issue of the journal related to outsourcing services in Europe.

According to a recent survey, performed by the U.S. Commerce Department, of every 10 start-ups 7’ll survive their 1st year, 3’ll still be going after 3 years and only 2 will remain after 5 years. These are quite startling numbers and really beg the question: "Why do start-ups fail?"

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Latest news in the IT world by Migrate2Mobile

Marissa Mayer, new Yahoo CEO, is pregnant

The newly appointed CEO at Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, announced her pregnancy recently. Marissa has just become the 5th Yahoo CEO in the last 4 years and is planning to get back to her executive job after several weeks of maternity leave. While some skeptics doubt changing diapers along with Yahoo’s corporate culture will be possible, Marissa Mayer gets congratulations both for her appointment and a future Silicon Valley’s replenishment.
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New Twitter for Blackberry launched.

While BlackBerry sales drop immensely, dedicated BB users may enjoy the new Twitter app launched recently.  Obviously RIM expects this to contribute to BlackBerry revival. According to IDC (International Data Corporation), the world-wide smartphone sales as for the 1st quarter of 2012 show 56,1% of the market belonging to Android, 22,9% to iOS, 8,6% to Symbian, and 6,9% to RIM, while mobile data usage shows 65% of mobile data traffic to be from iOS, 20% from Android, 2% from BlackBerry and 1% from Symbian as for July 2012.
Migrate2Mobile can’t predict future of mobile, though one thing is obvious: more and more people are leaving the platform, so it’s a big question if the developers will continue upgrading their apps for Blackberry.  Read the rest of this sad or vv. motivating story. 

Shoppers go online while doing shopping in stores.

According to Emphatica, social media penetrates deeper and deeper into consumers’ decision making process while shopping: downloading a mobile app, reading a review, scanning QR codes, checking brand’s posts and likes on facebook, all are being widely used by shoppers. Impressive 55% of the survey respondents used their mobile devices in-store to compare prices between retailers, some of which seem to be quite worried by this unexpected source of competition.
Another booming trend is tablets accounting for 40% of all mobile retail searches reflecting a migration away from laptops and PCs.
To see lots of savvy infographics dedicated to the ‘Mighty Mobile’, check Mobile Technology pinterest page.

iPhone 5 uncovers its probable ‘face’.

While current users of iPhone 4S are still boasting about their smart devices, most farseeing search the net for new iPhone 5 images leakage. Superstitions grow since some not-so-much-reliable sites post images of what seems to be a front casing of the upcoming novelty. Nonetheless all the Apple workers are under NDA, thus any possible leaks can’t be considered real and possible.
Believe it or not, but you can see the future of iPhone with the following article.

First smartphone for blind people.

Georgie, a device designed by a blind couple, has just been launched and offers apps to catch a bus, read text or pin-point a location. The smartphone uses a voice-assisted touchscreen to dial a number and speech input to send text messages.
Physical disability is not an obstacle to migrating to mobile anymore.

Microsoft Office-2013’s approaching.

The new version of Microsoft Office is on its way to be released soon, now integrated with the company’s recent acquisitions: Skype and Yammer. Office 2013 is fully-touchable as well as Surface, Microsoft’s new tablet computer expected in October. This should help Microsoft gain iPad’s popularity in the tablet market.
Microsoft Office still remains trendy, holding ~90% of the market, and there is no company to take significant market share from Microsoft yet according to Gartner analysts. The future will show.
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The Estate Agent Tablet Apps Review

Recently Migrate2Mobile released a review of the best UK Estate Agent Apps for Smartphones.

We decided to continue the theme with a review of the best UK Estate Agent iPad Apps. In comparison with iPhones, iPads are evidently more convenient mostly because they have more computing power, a bigger display and easier to use keyboard. They are quick to turn on and easily transportable due to the small size and weight. Despite the wide use of iPads in the UK we have found only 3 UK-based iPad Apps for the industry, two of which have been launched recently. We expect the situation will improve soon with more functional iPad apps coming to the market.

We looked at essential and unique features, functions that could be improved upon and finally gave our overall impression after testing the Apps.

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Migrate2Mobile became a member of the German Outsourcing Association

DOV Knowledge Partner Logo

Minsk, April 2d, 2012 – Migrate2Mobile, a full service mobile development agency based in Minsk, Belarus recently joined the German Outsourcing Association as a Knowledge Partner.  

"We believe that this partnership will help us to explore new business opportunities on a German mobile market. We've got a great experience working with clients from the UK, USA and Netherlands and hope that German clients will find our mobile solutions useful and efficient" - commented Michael Grebennikov, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Migrate2Mobile.  

Key concepts of the knowledge partnership are experience and knowledge sharing. Companies accepted as Knowledge Partners are well-known industry leaders that are ready to invest into contributing and sharing industry specific information and best practices. Such strategic partnership approach makes German Outsourcing Association different among others. Partnership with Outsourcing Journal ( makes this difference vital for those who look at German IT market as their strategic destination. Continue reading

UX Design Process

Clients have often asked how we design our systems and what methodology do we use for UX design process. Here is an overview of the main stages in our approach.

Customer interview. This is the most important part of the process. While we continue to talk to a customer during the whole design process an initial gathering of requirements is vital before a project can begin. We love to ask questions and love to listen.

Business Intelligence. We use all possible means to mine as much information about the current customers system (when applicable) and its users as possible. We investigate entry and exit pages, most popular pages, paths through the site, bounce rate, links from other sites, the most and the least popular products/content/actions and other available information. The goal of this research is to harvest maximum possible data about current users behavior. Apart from studying the customer’s systems we analyze the competitors’ information systems as far as that is possible.

The next stage may involve interviewing a customer again.

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Appointment of UK Strategy Director

Migrate2Mobile is delighted to announce the appointment of Robert Snarey as their UK Strategy Director. Robert has a proven track record in mobile development and brings with him a wealth of experience and enthusiasm. He will be responsible for the implementation and development of M2M’s commitment in the UK. 

 I am thrilled to be joining such a talented, ambitious and thoroughly professional industry leader. My role will be to assist UK Businesses through the inevitable change as customers reach for their smart phones and tablets when making purchases online. Robert Snarey