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General Information

Working with you guys, I learned that it is also possible to develop without or with some little bugs. Rene Kock, CEO at everywhereIM


Migration to a mobile platform is inevitable. You may do it today and outrun 95% of your business competitors; you may do it tomorrow trying to run after competitors who migrated yesterday. But you will migrate one day, it is an economic certainty.


Our mission is to assist Clients as their long-term technology partner.


Our People

Our employees are our pride and one of the most valuable long term investment. All team members are university-educated, have extensive deep professional knowledge and perfect multi language communication skills. Thorough recruiting and career development processes allowed us to build an effective and scalable team of software engineers that are able to solve complex technology challenges efficiently.

Agile practices

We employ an effective mix of Kanban, Scrum, XP and ScrumBan methodologies to achieve business goals within a minimum time and with a maximum quality and transparency. We adapt development process to customer's needs and expectations, we build transparent environment around the project, so customers feel and see the progress. As a development team we are flexible, rapid and proactive.

Mature and transparent management and production processes

We posses a cumulative 40+ years of IT project management experience and have built an effective project development ecosystem. Careful attention to details, process approach and proper communication are keys to our success.

Location advantages

East European location of our development office gives access to a wide pool of software engineers and yet allows us to stay very cost effective. The UK and USA representative offices make us closer to clients and build a true global delivery system.

Western business culture

Being in IT business since early 90th, Migrate2Mobile's management team thoroughly learned international business principles and ethics and made them Migrate2Mobile's business principles and ethics.

Long-term partnership philosophy

Good long-term partnership means good long-term business. We follow this simple philosophy since the day we started Migrate2Mobile and use it to build a long-term multi beneficial working relationships with our respective clients and employees.

Engagement models

  • Fixed price
  • Time and Material
  • Dedicated teams


Development office


1/3 Kulman str. 3rd floor
220013, Minsk

Tel: +375(29)684-81-20

Representative office


524 Union St, Suite 47
San Francisco, CA 94133

Phone: +1(415)205-6011

Head office


Brainware Services Ltd.
Poseidonos 1, LEDRA Business Centre,
Egkomi, P.C. 2406,
Nicosia, Cyprus

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Other contact information:

US: +1(415) 205-6011

UK: +44 (0) 20-3289-7374

BY: +375 (29) 684-81-20